Proven leaders that move the mission forward.
Board of Directors

Lieutenant General
John B. Sylvester

Chairman of the Board

United States Army, Retired
College Station, Texas

Major General
Arnold Fields

Vice Chairman of the Board

United States Marine Corps, Retired
Arlington, Virginia

Craig A. Pirtle

Audit Oversight Committee

Wedbush Securities
Charlottesville, Virginia

Ronald D. Rains

Audit Oversight Committee

Interstate Treating, Inc.
Odessa, Texas

David Webb

Independent Voting Member

SiriusXM & Fox Nation
Miami, Florida

Carol Workman

Independent Voting Member

General Manager Enterprise
Fort Collins, Colorado

Mark J. Grant

Chairman of the Investment Committee

Colliers Securities
Chief Global Market Strategist
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Joel D. Rogers

Independent Voting Member

Allied Integration Division Action Officer
Offutt AFB, Nebraska

Martin Duarte - Program Outreach Coordinator

Martin Duarte

Secretary & Treasurer

Wounded Warriors Family Support
Program Outreach Coordinator
San Antonio, Texas