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Staff Members Serving Veteran Families

Kate McCauley

President & CEO

Selected by the Board of Directors. Responsible for the impact and performance of the organization. Runs the day-to-day operations. Ensures the organization’s overall successful long-term operations. Reports the organization’s results to the Board of Directors.

Colonel John D. Folsom

President Emeritus
United States Marine Corps, Retired

The President Emeritus serves in an advisory role to the President providing guidance and expertise on past practices and operations.

Colonel John D. Folsom - President Emeritus / United States Marine Corps, Retired
Ashlie Muller WWFS

Ashlie Muller

Director of Operations

Responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the organization, including financial matters, fundraising, staff management, and other administrative tasks.  Ensures that the nonprofit is in compliance with all applicable regulations and laws, and develops strategies to enhance its reputation and market presence. 

Martin Duarte

Program Outreach Coordinator | WWFS Board Secretary & Treasurer

Coordinates and oversees the planning and implementation of program outreach strategies. Reaches out to and maintains relationships with individuals, businesses, the military, and veterans’ organizations. Responsible for the daily case management operations of the Mobility is Freedom and Veterans’ Welding programs. Assists the president as directed to ensure the success of the mission.

Martin Duarte WWFS
Karli McCauley WWFS

Karli McCauley

Program Supervisor

Provides operational and administrative support for one or more WWFS programs. Responsible for data entry in addition to other tasks as assigned. Manages the daily correspondence. Processes the acknowledgment correspondence for the organization.

Teri Meyer

Programs Assistant

Provides supplement services nationwide to the caregivers and families of wounded combat veterans. Works with caregivers of veterans and/or the wounded veteran as they go through the organization’s application process. Connects the families with other resources and professional services.

Teri Meyer WWFS Programs Assistant
Dustin Zion Pearson WWFS

Dustin Pearson

Chief Information Officer

Manage all IT needs. Manage websites, social media presences and content. Media creation for organization. Maintain the donor management system and CRM, assist with data extraction as needed. Monitor data backups. Assist other staff in doing their jobs by making technology work smoothly for them.