The 50 Best Charities to Give to Right Now

It’s the season of giving — and doing your part is more important than ever.  There are so many ways to give back: you could volunteer, start a fundraiser, or do a random act of kindness. You may also consider donating money to a charity or nonprofit. But before you make a decision on where to give, set aside some time to find a charity you trust. That way, you can rest assured that your donation will go as far as possible.

To help you do that, Good Housekeeping compiled a list of great charities to donate to in 2020.  To vet these organizations, their staff combed through Charity Watch and Charity Navigator, two trusted watchdog groups that assign charities a grade or number rating for financial health and transparency.  Wounded Warriors Family Support is honored to have been included in their list of the 50 Best Charities to Give to in 2020.

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