Makah Tribe COVID-19 Emergency Grant

March 27, 2020

On March 20, 2020 the Makah Tribal Council enacted the “Stay Home Stay Healthy Order” order for members of the Makah Tribe and the Neah Bay community as a direct result of COVID 19. The Makah Indian Reservation is remotely located on the most northwesterly tip of Washington State on the Pacific Northwest coast of Clallam County, approximately 75 miles from the closest city, Port Angeles, Washington. The Makah Indian Reservation is located in the town of Neah Bay which consists of one general store, one restaurant, a Post Office and one Mini Mart/Gas Station. The Neah Bay community Veteran’s Post is particularly challenged with regard to available funding, services and resources for Veterans of the Neah Bay service area. The local Veteran’s Post provides space for their Veterans TRSO to meet with veterans on a limited basis. However, at this time our veterans are not able to leave the reservation to meet with the TRSO due to the closure of the reservation as well as inability to enter the boundaries of the reservation due to COVID-19 crisis.

The impact of this crisis has hit this community in ways we could not have been prepared. The Neah Bay Community is predominately a fishing community relying on the revenue from seasonal fishing industry and tourism. As a direct result of the “Stay Home Stay Healthy” order our families supported by fishermen and tourism are destitute as the major fishery of the year has been delayed due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Additionally, the local Veterans are faced with new and challenging situations as the boundary to the reservation closed on March 20, 2020. Veterans must shop for groceries at the local general store or on line. The remoteness of the reservation impacts the cost of foods and other merchandise thereby putting a strain on the budget of the Veterans family. Until normal operations resume our community members, specifically veterans, are not unable to access provisions from Port Angeles, Washington. The Makah Senior Program requested funds to provide veterans with food vouchers for Washburn’s General Store. The Makah Senior Program would provide each veteran with food voucher to help alleviate the burden of higher food costs locally as well as provide for assistance with utility bills.

Wounded Warriors Family Support issued an immediate grant of $17,400 per the tribe’s request. These funds will be directed to the tribes 58 veterans and their families in the form of $100 food and $200 utility vouchers.

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