A mobile mural honoring 13 fallen marines, including Daegan Page, is unveiled in Omaha.

The brand new Ford Bronco is a way to honor the last 13 service members that gave their lives in the 20-year war in Afghanistan

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — The Wounded Warriors Family Support unveiled its tribute to the 13 service members who were killed in action during the American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

After the loss of Omaha native Cpl. Daegan Page, Wounded Warriors Family Support wanted to find a way to memorialize the heroes lost during that time; with the help of Artist Mickey Harris, they were able to do just that.

“This came to me in a dream. Believe it or not. I dreamed of our heroes of the past from the Revolutionary War, all the way up that have served, holding banners with them on them, celebrating their lives and their heroism and their service to our country,” said Harris

They hope to be able to bring the Bronco featuring Harris’ mural around to the hometowns of the others that were lost.

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