Plant Your Flag with Amos Benjamin

Benchmark Mortgage has invited all to attend their VA Event, Plant Your Flag.  Benchmark has made it their mission to support our military and veteran community.  The event will feature U.S. Marine veteran and motivational speaker, Amos Benjamin.  Key topics addressed are mental health, transitioning out of the military, and home ownership.

Benjamin tells the story of his struggles at home after serving three tours of duty, in Afghanistan and Iraq. With help from the national mortgage company, Benjamin overcame the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury to eventually buy a home.  Amos found help from the Brain Treatment Foundation and ended up buying a home through the assistance of Benchmark.  Benchmark has worked hard to remove barriers of home ownership for veterans.

The event is on April 21st at 5pm at the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum, Hanger B.  The museum is located at 28210 West Park Highway, Ashland, NE 68003.   You can RSVP to, text 402-933-1141, or register online.

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