Proud to Support: Receptra Naturals doubles down on support of America’s vets

Broomfield, CO – In celebration of Veteran’s Day, Receptra Naturals, a Colorado-based small business, announced a new charitable donation program, which will contribute 10% of Veterans Program CBD sales proceeds to benefit Wounded Warriors Family Support in the month of November. WWFS, founded in 2004, is an A-rated nonprofit that serves wounded veterans and their families through caregiver respite, UAW-Ford supported veteran training, vehicle customization and long-term care programs in addition to its family support programs. 

The program will complement Receptra Naturals’ military discount program, which provides a 50% discount to eligible service members and its veteran hiring and supplier goals, which specifically aims to provide economic opportunities to veteran candidates. Veterans and active duty military can join the program here:

“Our support of veterans, service members and their families is a reflection of who we are: a company of givers who believe in the power of doing good,” say Vaughan, who notes when a company does something good for those who serve and support the organization, the effort betters the lives of everyone around it.

Receptra Naturals embraced these programs after recognizing that the elevated needs of many veteran households were not getting met, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s hard enough for veterans to undergo the transition from military to civilian life, let alone maintain  their family health with the additional stressors of COVID-19,” Vaughan says

“The programs will help make an enormous difference in the lives of veterans. And, together with our veterans, every Receptra Naturals product sold in November will ‘double the good,’” Vaughan adds “With this support, we will be able to impact more veteran households – offering greater product discounts, elevated support mechanisms and with greater sales additional jobs and economic opportunities for veteran-owned businesses.”

The buyer gets the benefit of a trusted and tested product, and veteran households get discounted products and added support.

Veterans face daunting challenges that are invisible to most civilians, says Vaughan.

“The loss of purpose and mission is hard enough for any one of us,” Vaughan says. “Just consider the havoc a job loss has on the average household. Combine that level of loss with a change in environment, support system, brother- and sisterhood, sense of daily duty and drive and, in many cases physical and emotional challenges and, now, COVID — that’s when it becomes really difficult for veterans and their families to continue to find new ways forward.”

Numerous research studies indicate that as many as 8 million of our nation’s veterans are battling Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but there are many more according to experts who say many cases go un- or misdiagnosed. Researchers estimate that 30% of veterans face PTSD. Of those, about half get treatment, according to health experts.

Less than half of returning veterans needing mental health services receive any treatment at all, and among those needing treatment for PTSD and major depression, less than one-third receive evidence-based care, according to a study conducted by the RAND Center for Military Health Policy Research.

It’s that and more that Receptra Naturals hopes to supplement with the sale of its organic CBD products.

“We are extremely thankful to Receptra Naturals for their support for our military families. Their generosity will help improve the quality of life of those who sacrificed to defend our freedom,” says Kevin Sander, Development Director for Wounded Warrriors Family Support.

About Receptra Naturals: Caring for our nation’s people, pets and planet

Receptra Naturals is a Colorado-based small business. It’s family-run company farm located in Broomfield, Colorado, and it has been producing sustainably grown organic hemp since 2015. It also is a cGMP certified center. The company produces and sells CBD product lines focused on Relief, Restoration and Relaxation. Receptra is a proud contributor to our nation’s health, environment, animals and veterans who selflessly serve. You can learn more about Receptra Naturals in this article from CBD Marking Hub:

 About Wounded Warriors Family Support

Wounded Warriors Family Support is an A-rated nonprofit that serves wounded veterans and their families through caregiver respite, UAW-Ford supported veteran training, vehicle customization and long-term care programs, in addition to its family support programs. 

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