Suquamish Tribe Vehicle Grant

October 4, 2019

Wounded Warriors Family Support is honored to present a new Ford Explorer to the veterans of the Suquamish Tribe of Washington. 

The Suquamish enjoyed the rich bounty of land and sea west of the Cascade Mountains just northeast of present day Seattle. Fishing for salmon and harvesting shellfish in local waters and Puget Sound continues to this day.  The cedar trees provided fiber used to weave waterproof clothing and beautiful utilitarian items, and provided wood for longhouses, seagoing canoes and ceremonial items.  The Port Madison Indian Reservation covers 7,657 acres.

The Suquamish traditionally lived on the western shores of Puget Sound, from Apple Tree Cove in the north to Gig Harbor in the south, including Bainbridge Island and Blake Island. They had villages throughout the region, the largest centered on Old Man House, the largest winter longhouse in the Salish Sea..

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