Abbott Family

Thank You Wounded Warriors Family Support!

As I sit here sorting through the 900 pictures I took during our vacation to Orlando, I am overcome with gratitude for what your organization has given our family. You didn’t just give us a free vacation. You gave us something to look forward to when things were rough here at home. You gave us something to plan and dream and talk about in the months prior to our vacation. This trip was the motivation Hubs and I needed to lose over 50 lbs between us! It gave us hope and was something positive to focus on. We counted down weeks and, a month before we left, did a daily countdown! The kids all wrote down things they were looking forward to and we talked about them all! Even my husband got into the vacation planning! Our friends and family around us joined in our excitement!

The resort, Bahama Bay, was absolutely beautiful! The people there were so friendly and nice! The pool was very close by and so nice and clean! Our condo was spectacular!!

Universal Studios Resort was above and beyond our expectations! Sea World was awesome! Wet n’ Wild Waterpark was so much fun and LEGOLAND was a favorite with the kids! We had a vacation that was beyond our wildest dreams but not only because of the gift of lodging and tickets, but the surprise generosity in the form of gift cards to use as spending money. Because of that, a “peanut butter and jelly” vacation became a “lets try out this new restaurant for dinner” vacation! We got to treat ourselves to things we would never have been able to do otherwise! We were just blown away by it all!

But the most amazing thing was the family time! Seeing my husband relax, smile, and engage with the kids was priceless! I was so concerned that his anxiety would be an issue, but there was just one moment during the whole vacation that he got tense. The rest of the time was just perfect! He is already talking and dreaming about going back there again one day!

THANK YOU!  I don’t know if there are words to express our gratitude for the amazing gift you gave to our family!

Thank you and bless you,

The Abbott Family

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