Beck Family

We just want to thank you all for the opportunity of a lifetime. Life is too short and we have not been able to do a lot to live it up. This was such an amazing opportunity to do just that. The lodging at the resort was just beautiful! It’s bigger than our house so the kids enjoyed having their own room.

The trip to Sea world was so fun. All the kids were able to ride. Our one year old and 2 year surprised us when they giggled on the drops instead of crying. I haven’t seen my husband Landon smile so big in a long time.

Universal studios was amazing. The older kids had a blast riding the bigger rides. I was even able to get on a couple and laugh along with them. Islands of adventure was my favorite. There were a lot of rides that were for the whole family so we were able to ride together. The kids loved Legoland. They got on almost all the rides. They have become thrill seekers and I love it.  Honestly this adventure would not have been possible without your generosity. God bless you and everything you do for our Vets and their families.
The Beck Family

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