Brasel Family

Hello to All!

We are so thankful to have had your support this last year as our family went through some big changes.  We grew by 3 hearts, 6 little hands and 6 little feet. That’s right! Triplets! One boy and 2 girls!  

While it was a time of great joy it was also very overwhelming the first 4-6 months. Due to his combat injuries my husband is unable to drive, has balance issues and is unable to cook hot meals. Preemie babies require many doctor appointments the first few months to monitor growth, and with Mama recovering from surgery and not getting nearly enough sleep; driving and cooking and getting big sister to school and practices was nearly impossible.

Thankfully our VA Caregiver Support Coordinator was able to steer us towards Wounded Warriors Family Support. Through your support we were able to hire a nanny for several months to help drive to appointments, cook main meals, watch the babies so I could get a nap or spend some quality time with my oldest daughter, or take her to school and sports.

Without your generous and caring support, the first few months of our new family life would more than likely have been nothing but an exhausting, chaotic blur.

With your generous and caring support we were able to hit the pause button once in awhile and soak in the special little moments of this new journey our family has embarked on.

God Bless,

SSG Ret. U.S. Army Mark Brasel, Arielle, and family


Anytime a family grows it can be a big adjustment, but for our families having multiples, plus trying to care and support their veterans it becomes even more overwhelming. We are happy to be able to lessen the strain on this happy occasion by offering support to have someone come into the home and help with the babies, and the rest of the family and even possibly offer housekeeping, meal prep or help running errands, to keep the family moving as smoothly as possible during this hectic time.

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