Curry Family

Hi, My name is Minie Curry, Sgt Anson Curry’s wife. My husband was severely injured overseas in Afghanistan 8/5/2011.  He suffered a severe TBI caused by a grenade blast, my husband was asleep in a bunker when they got attacked, shrapnel penetrated his head/brain tiny shrapnel fragments are still lodged in his brain.

The impact of the grenade/blast and shrapnel left my husband non-verbal, wheelchair bound, and feeding through a peg tube. He requires total assist care, around the clock, medications around the clock.  He needs overall care with everything.  He was medically, honorably discharged 10/31/2013.  I take care of him at home as I take care of my children as well who are special needs all 3, but my husband and children are a blessing to me, I asked God for good health so I can continue taking care of them.

Wounded Warriors Family Support have been such a blessing to me and my family, thanks to them I am able to care for my children and my husband with them providing me support by having a trained medical caregiver to help me provide care to him so that I may get a break a few times a week, get some rest or sleep at night so that I don’t get burn out from being a caregiver to my husband as well as caring for my children.  Wounded Warriors Family Support are more than just a non-profit organization who offer support to the combat injured warriors but are also looking out for the family and childrens wellbeing.  This non-profit is as legit as they come they are providing assistance & support but also check in on the families and care for us like family.  Thank you so much Wounded Warriors Family Support for all you do for our heroes who served their country proud.

The Curry Family

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