Frink Family

Dear Wounded Warriors Family Support,

Kate McCauley for talking to me through my tears and bringing a smile. John Folsom for making this program happen and all the staff for helping those who are lost and need to find comfort and compassion again.

My name is Trina Frink and my husbands’s name is Lowell (Scott) Frink. I wanted to write you because I’m not good with computers but I truly wanted to say “Thank You!” to everyone who has put this story in motion. Our lives have been very different since my husbands IED to his left arm and shoulder, he has had 9 surgeries so far. He really needs to have another one because he’s in so much pain everyday. However, he could lose his arm faster if they do a shoulder replacement. He has no deltoid muscle and a rod in his arm and part of a rotator cuff and half a ball socket held together with lots of pins that surgery could shatter. So Scott just stays busy all the time, just not to think of the pain, which is hard for the family because he can’t sit still. But, we are blessed to still have him in our lives.

We have lost a lot of loved ones in the war and this is the hardest time of the year for him and us. This vacation means worlds to us because it will keep Scott busy and the kids (Dawson 9 and T.J. soon to be 6) time with the family especially Fathers Day because our best friend was killed that day in Afghanistan. His wife and I were out buying sweaters and magazines for my husband in the hospital and her husband’s company was waiting for her when she got home. I got the call at the hospital that he had been killed. The night before, he told his wife Jenna to take care of my husband Scott, and then he died. Life’s funny like that, he was one of the best men I’d ever known. God does take the best of the best. It’s a hard memory to live with but one Chris would not want us to dwell on…but we’ll never forget him and his family.

What these soldiers do for our country and for us to keep us safe, I’ll never fully understand what hell they have been through, and they deserve the best prayers and “thank you’s.” So once again I could never repay you for this miracle we are receiving from all of you, but please know I Thank You With All My Heart!

I can’t believe this is really happening. This has been my husbands dream vacation ever since I met him. We’ve been married 15 years this September. Thank You for supporting our troops and families.

God Bless,

Trina Frink & Family

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