Hernandez Family

WWFS Hernandez Family

Thank you to Wounded Warriors Family Support and all the donors! This was such an amazing opportunity for our family to take a trip together. WWFS made it all possible and everything was just wonderful. My wife and 4 children are so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you so much for making the process stress free and so enjoyable. Very professional and welcoming experience all the way around!

The trip was wonderful! We drove 12 hours to Mobile, Alabama and slept there. We had the opportunity to go see the USS Alabama battle ship museum before driving another 7 hours into Orlando. The hotel was great and getting our Universal tickets was a stress free experience. They gave us what is called a Gold Pass that allowed us all an expedited and escorted access to all rides and attractions. Universal was just amazing and the weather was beautiful, not too cold but not hot at all.

After the 2 days we went to LegoLand and that was a fun experience, my two older boys love Legos so that was awesome. My daughters had a great time as well and found so much to do with the shows and Lego art. It did rain all day at Lego Land but we made the best of it! As we exited the park they guided us to the customer windows as they were issuing park passes for everyone who attended that day due to the weather.

We took so many pictures but most are on another device but we were able to get some on this computer. I think our favorite as a family was Universal and all the characters, experiences, scenes and shows were just amazingly breathtaking to enjoy as a family. We can not even begin to imagine what that would cost and to have it done in that VIP fashion was one of a kind.

On our way home we drove 9 hours to New Orleans and stayed with family/friends for Christmas and to hunker down for that winter storm. Luckily our brother was able to freeze proof our plumbing back home. We got home Sunday after a 10 hour drive home and we are safe. We are very tired still from our trip but very grateful and humbled by the gift Wounded Warriors Family Support has granted our family!

Thank you again! 

The Hernandez Family

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