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I wanted to send you and everyone at WWFS a Thank You note and a couple of photos from our trip to Yellowstone.  We had a great time exploring the park with our son on our first and last vacation as a family of three!  Our son learned the words “Bison” and “Elk” thanks to our trip.  We were also able to do a fly fishing float trip on the Yellowstone River with Josh’s friend.  Josh is a fly fishing guide and has been wanting to get us out fishing with him as a family, so that was really special. 

I also did want to let you know something that might help with future trips for other families.  The dining room at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is closed for the spring season and it isn’t indicated on Google Maps.  When I looked through the NPS website I found the information, but it was kind of buried. (It’s open Jan 1-Mar 1 and May 21-Nov 28)  The Terrace Grill was open but they weren’t allowing people to sit inside and eat so we had to bring food back to our room.  This was pretty difficult with a 22-month-old since there wasn’t a table or anything to really eat on.  A majority of the restaurants in Gardiner were closed for the season as well, so getting food outside of the park was hard. We would have brought more food and a cooler with us if we had known about the limitations! 

Anyways we still had a good time and thank WWFS for booking the trip for us.  We drove the 20hrs round trip in the Ford F-150 that WWFS helped us purchase in 2015!  Thank you and everyone at WWFS again so much. We love getting outdoors as a family and this provided us multiple opportunities to do so. 

The Kelly Family

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