Light Family

As the caregiver to a Wounded Warrior and mother of two young children, most of our household and family responsibilities fall on me. After my recent surgery, Wounded Warriors Family Support made it possible to have my mother travel and stay with us to help out so I was able to recover. We did not have the funds to get her here and she had to take time off work with no pay.   She couldn’t have come if it were not for your help.  As a caregiver, a lot of times I put myself last. This gave me an opportunity to put myself and my recovery first. WWFS has also helped with childcare so that my husband and I were able to attend a much needed marriage retreat. I cannot begin to say how much we appreciate all of the help WWFS has provided our family. 

Cara Light


May 26, 2009  – Steven Light was ejected from the Humvee after the suicide bomber ran into his vehicle. He was the only survivor from his vehicle. He spent 6 months at Walter Reed rebuilding his leg. He broke several bones through his body including his arm, shoulder, leg, foot, nose.  His injuries also included burns, shrapnel, mild tbi, bone graphs and skin graphs.  Steven was awarded a Purple Heart for his service to our Nation.  

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