Saucedo Family

First, we would like to give our sincere thanks for all that Wounded Warrior Family Support did for us! The organization, scheduling, & reservations for our trip was superb! We did not realize how much we needed that vacation as a family. Our children especially had the most exciting time of their lives!  We were able to push all the hustle and bustle aside and focus on each other and build on it!

This trip to Orlando was so awesome that we are still in awe!!! We cannot express how much this meant to us and how it helped us connect with each other. This trip allowed me to push past the limits that have been hindering me to connect with my family. It honestly showed me that I can get out and have a great time with no issues. The accommodations totally blew us out of the water and the solace that surrounded us was beyond our expectations! This is one memory that will not be forgotten as nothing can compare to what we experienced from the beginning to the end with WWFS. Talk about no stress whatsoever…this is hands down one of the best experiences we’ve encountered. Again, Thank you.


The Saucedo Family

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