Selbee Family

I just wanted to take a minute to write and tell you how beyond thankful we are for the activity grant you gave us for Emma Rose to ride horses at the same place as her dad’s equine therapy.  Equine therapy has been life changing for my husband and came into our lives at a time when things were extra hard for him.  Emma Rose loved horses from birth and to be able to ride and take lessons has been the best thing for her. It is a holistic approach to life and healing that both my husband and daughter need and we couldn’t have done it without you all. 

Last month the barn hosted a show and Emma rose was able to attend and take home TWO blue ribbons.  Daniel did a lead line class with her and supported her through it. Seeing them together made my heart melt.  The judges said she is a natural and were so impressed with horsemanship skills. At 5 years old I have to say we are so proud and we owe it to you all. Thank you for ALL you have done for us. You are truly making a difference in unique ways amongst veterans, caregivers and our families. It is incredible to have an organization that focuses on the caregiver and the children as there are so many that focus solely on the veteran. You have seen a need in our community and have met it and we are forever grateful.  


The Selbee Family

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