Strickland Family

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for this experience! We were able to reconnect, unplug and just enjoy each other and we are so very thankful for that! Among all of it, it gave me an “ah ha” moment in realizing just how much Carlous has sacrificed for us. It’s amazing that you guys love him so much that you offer these experiences to us, without anything in return!

Most days our family seems normal and other days my husband is battling hard with his ptsd! This was so needed for us all!

The kids loved The Wizarding World of Harry Potter most! But Legoland was another favorite! Karleigh loves Lego Ninjago so that was a fun experience for her. She also takes oceanography and wrote a speech for her class on the Pilot whale so she was ecstatic to see them at SeaWorld! Gracelynn was very happy to see the Lego Friends area! She wanted pictures with everyone! And she also was so happy to see Dr Suess.

Elias was surprisingly wonderful the whole time and every place was very conscious of parents with little children. It was all such a wonderful experience for everyone. Carlous loves all superheroes so he was thrilled to ride all of those rides!

Thank you guys so much again! I can’t even explain how thankful we are for you guys and this program!

The Strickland Family


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