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WWFS Wallace Family

We just finished our trip yesterday and are back at the grind. I think, for me, my favorite part was taking a few days away from real-life obligations in work, finances, school, family affairs, scuba training, our non-profit work and really tuning out of all the “sounds of life,” and taking time to try to connect to my inner child. I know I didn’t have the worst childhood; but it wasn’t Disney or Universal or LegoLand storybook perfect either, so it was beyond just fun and also a bit therapeutic in I felt I could laugh as much or as loud as I wanted, throw my hands in the air as a rollercoaster rockets me through crazy twists and turns, and truly live in that moment. I thank you, WWFS and all the donors for making that possible.

We used the $300 Visa card you guys added to buy a few days tickets for Disney, so we got to experience Universal, LegoLand and WDW on the trip! I’m excited to share my experience with your donors. As a Purple Heart recipient and disabled veteran, I admit I have some external wounds and certainly deeper internal wounds, and I work hard daily to overcome those. However, I also realize my demons’ only power over my life come from the memories of past things that cannot be mended or changed, so I just need to keep that in focus. As a caregiver, Lauren on the other hand sometimes has to deal with the residual affects of those demons in the here and now. For that reason, I think this experience was as important to her as it was for me – maybe more important! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving she and I this treasure.

Best wishes and thank you very much!

The Wallace Family

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